Best Breitling Colt Skyracer swiss replica watches review

Breitling updated its entry-level colt series in 2014, and last year launched Breitlight, a proprietary case material in the avengers model. In 2017, the Basel international horologe exhibition, the brand launched a Breitling Colt Skyracer, this is the first product Breitlight series, with Breitling team world championships in the red bull air the names of the stunt plane flight.

Like many other Breitling replica watches models in recent years, Colt Skyracer uses military style, all black “invisible” appearance. Its 45mm case is made up of Breitlight, a high-tech alloy that Breitling says is four times lighter than titanium, but harder. Other properties listed include excellent scratch resistance, traction and corrosion; Thermal stability; And diamagnetism and non-allergenic properties, in addition to being warm compared to other metals, and have some aesthetic speckle surface textures. Watch case waterproof 100 meters (330 feet); It has a rubber molded crown and a protruding ring gasket to protect the hemispherical anti-dazzle sapphire crystal glass.

The non timer timer “volcano” black dial is designed for maximum legibility, large white fluorescent pointer and hour number in contrast with black background, and match with red accents, endow the cockpit instrument panel appearance. To be consistent with the military history of the model, the dial is fitted with a 24-hour clock. The one-way ratchet baffle is equipped with an easy-to-use rider label and is etched on a 60-minute scale. The date appears at three o ‘clock.

Engine is the Calibre of Breitling Colt Skyracer 74, a kind of thermal compensation “SuperQuartz” movement, 10 times than standard quartz movement precision, equipped with battery scrap indicator, and – like Cheap Breitling swiss replica watches  mechanical movement – through certification As the Swiss testing agencies COSC precision timer. With the dial and bezel, black rubber strap manufactured specially for Skyracer type can provide useful instructions for the pilot – top (12 o ‘clock) take part in 25, 000 and 1:50, 000 relief measuring scale, in cm and bottom part (6) inches. Breitling’s removable fastening system allows the wearer to quickly and easily remove each part to measure, and can successfully reconnect it to the shell.

Price is $2000 – and by Breitling Racing Team rising star stunt pilot pilot Mike Brageot in the red bull driver championship in high-performance MXS – R “Skyracer plane” and named – fake Breitling Colt Skyracer watches obviously as a barrier-free entry level Fashion aviation enthusiasts and other various stripes adrenaline addicts. Here is the wrist shot taken in Basel.