Breitling Chronomat B01 vs IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Review

Breitling Chronomat B01 faithfully follows the tradition of the quality Breitling replica watches aviator wrist watch. Its modern design includes functional details such as rotating watch rings and other purely decorative design elements. The dial is very detail-oriented, and its central element is a square whose edges are defined by the center points of the three small dial. The ridge pattern in the patch varies according to which half falls within the square area: outside the square, the pattern is a radiation circle; Inside, it’s a vertical ridge.

The hour counter at 6 o ‘clock is divided into one quarter. The hands on the small dial contain a square shape, and the one-fourth hour mark on the ring is also square. Even the angular typesetting of Numbers on small watch plates and rings (whose square “zero”) reinforces this bold style. Three different numeric fonts increase interest, but in this case, more limitations will make a stronger overall statement, and the font style of the Numbers on the border will require some conventions. But in general, we like the design of fake Breitling Chronomat B01 watch very much.

Fashion and dates are easy to read on the black dial of the Breitling replica watches. However, it is difficult to read the minutes and hours on a small dial with a silver hand. The IWC universal scored twice as high in this category. First of all, quite surprisingly, the silver hands here stand in sharp contrast to the small silver dial. In addition, the minutes and hours are cleverly combined on the top sub-dial, with readable 12-hour and 60-minute partitions, such as in the second time zone display. The shorter effects are more pronounced over longer periods of time, and the Numbers on the hour track help. But the size of the dial helps improve readability.

The other side of the coin? The 45.5 mm case of the IWC Ingenieur requires a wide wrist for balance. The watch overpowered the normal wrist and was not fit to cling. On a steel bracelet, it feels light-headed and must be worn tightly to prevent it from sliding. By contrast, Breitling Chronomat B01, though 43.5 mm in diameter, does not look too big and is more comfortable to wear. It is attached to the wrist, in part because the soft rubber band and adjustable band extension are integrated into the buckle. The cheap Breitling swiss replica watches button has a two-button deployment system that is attractive, easy to use, and perfectly complete. By contrast, the rubber band looks bland. Fortunately, Chronomat also comes with a crocodile or calf leather strap or metal strap.