Breitling Fake fear of losing independent tabulation status

According to Bloomberg News on November 29, Breitling replica is considering selling. Anonymous sources said the most likely suitors will be luxury goods companies.

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As a family-owned company, Breitling is one of the only remaining large watchmakers in Switzerland that is independent of Swatch, LVMH, and Kaiyun Group. In 1884, Breitling was founded by Léon Breitling, famous for its series of pilot watches designed and developed in the 1940s. In 1979, Ernest Schneider bought Breitling, and now the company is run by his son Theodore Schneider. Earlier this year, Breitling joined the ranks of Swiss smart watches and launched the Exospace B55 Connected Outer Space Timer B55 smart interactive watch.
The past two years is a difficult period watchmaking industry, swiss Breitling replica watches sales and profits dropped sharply, is currently facing the longest recession since 1988. According to August export data released by the Swiss Watch Industry Federation (FH), expensive watches are the toughest and the cheaper watches are more aggressive, which is also Breitling’s strength. Breitling entry-level mechanical watches are Colt Automatic, starting at 3,090 US dollars, while the brand also offers a small amount of lower quartz watches.
Bloomberg interview with Vontobel Bank analyst Rene Weber, Breitling informed 2015 sales of about 370 million Swiss francs. Bloomberg contacted Breitling, but the brand spokesman declined to comment.

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