Breitling Makes a Watch to Match the World’s Fastest Bentley

The other day Bentley rolled out the fastest four-seater sports car of all time – the new Continental Supersports. A beautiful custom-made beast can complete 0-60 MPH in 3.4 seconds with a top speed of 209 MPH. Don’t forget what the best gentlemen’s club in London is looking forward to. Now the brand’s watch partner, Breitling replica watches, has launched a wearable watch. Surprisingly, they have the “connection” SuperQuartz ™ models. We think Bentley’s customers are more like mechanical watches. The use of technology in this work suggests that the centennial spirit may somehow hedge its bets.

The limited edition 46mm Bentley Supersports B55 chronometer follows the tradition of customizing the Bentley model, which began in 2003 with a partnership between the two brands. The quality Breitling replica watches uses titanium metal case, carbon fiber dial and a connecting core, and is designed for racing. Only 500 were sold worldwide for $7,000. Beautiful double red edge and black rubber band. Below the dial internally, Breitling B55 connection SuperQuartz ™ movement of the new version. In addition to the functions of the flyback chronometer, chronometer and electronic speedometer, the B55 “racing” engine core also has the function of “timing rally”, recording up to 30 stages, including the starting date of the rally, the start time and the duration of each stage. Phase, and the middle time of each phase, with any penalty.

Secondly, the “time trial” function designed for the circuit allows users to record the time of each lap and calculate the average speed of each lap. Third, the “regular rebound” function predetermines the target time or intermediate time in the total time, and then checks whether the target is satisfied when the button is pressed. Of course, Cheap Breitling Supersports B55 swiss replica watch has a smartphone connection to enhance functionality, store or transfer data. Switzerland has developed an accompanying app for watches. Two LCD screens are equipped with backlighting systems that can be activated by pressing the crown or tilting the wrist.

We are not here to learn the pros and cons of best fake Breitling watches logo campaign. We do not necessarily agree that it falls within this price range, but only note that the “thermal compensation” core has been officially certified by the observatory. Finally, no one doubts its extreme accuracy. It’s also 100 meters waterproof, but we don’t recommend going swimming. At least while you’re driving Bentley.