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Breitling has been marching. It’s hard to believe that it’s only been 12 months since Mr. Kern (officially known as IWC) and his team joined the product development effort and simplified the product line.

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Earlier this year Navitimer 8 saw new features added to its four worlds (air, land, sea and professional) air and Breitling replica watches today in London I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the new Premier series.

Premier was launched in 1943 and has always focused on elegance and rugged features. The luxury fake Breitling watches new series consists of a series of four core reference time, date, and chronograph formats, with a range of dials from dark blue to sunrise silver: B01 chronograph table 42, chronograph table 42, auto 40, and auto date 40.

Historically, the focus has been on its aviation and professional watches, but as this new collection proves, best AAA Breitling replica wants to “fish in a bigger pond,” as Mr. Kern puts it. The new version is clean and functional. Although different in size from its predecessors in the early 1940s, the new series is more in line with the current market demand (the B01 performs well at 42mm). Chrono Premier B01 in the picture below is excellent for me. With a dual registration screen and the proverbially rugged Calibre 01, this smarty-looking watch is a must-have. At $8,400, it is in a highly competitive price category, competing with the likes of IWC, JLC and rolex.

I was impressed with how brands update their identity (digital and in-store), information clarity and adjusted distribution (focusing on fewer, more influential retailers). I believe the swiss copy Breitling watches integration of all these elements will provide a good platform for Premier series.