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In the smart watch popular today, the electronics industry has begun to seize the watch market share. On the one hand, smart watches can really bring convenience to our life, but it was also pointed out that smart watches in use, “tasteless” (some smart watches must be connected to the phone before they can use the watch lack of independence ). No matter what the wisdom of smart watches, smart watches as a trend has been accepted by more and more people. Professional watch brands are not far behind, has introduced its brand of smart watches, watch home today for everyone to count several professional watchmaking smart watch, compared to other electronic brand smart replica watches, after all Do not have the advantage.

Breitling Avenger Series B55-CONNECTED
Product Type: B55-CONNECTED
Official pricing: 8900 US dollars
Movement type: quartz
Movement Model: B55
Case Material: Titanium

Watch Comments: Breitling plays an extremely important role in the field of aviation watchmaking, with its precise and reliable watchmaking technology, for the aviation industry to create countless, high-performance precision instruments. This Breitling Avenger Time Series B55-CONNECTED is Breitling’s first smart interactive chronograph watch introduced in 2015. It combines a traditional watch with a smartphone to achieve an overall increase in functionality and usability. Breitling Replica B55 through the phone to complete a series of watch calibration operations, including time adjustment, time zone conversion, alarm settings, night mode and so on. At the same time, this watch also has to receive e-mail, information, telephone and calendar event reminder function. As a smart watch, it not only has the basic functions of chronograph, on this basis, it also has the function of other smart watches on the market, it can be said, Breitling B55 is a combination of traditional and present product . Breitling B55 is really a rare smart watch if you are struggling to get away with traditional chronograph mechanical watches and wrestle with the many practical features of smart watches.

Montblanc 1858 Series 117538
Product Model: 117538
Official pricing: 890 US dollars
Watch diameter: 46 mm
Case thickness: 12.5 mm
Movement Type: Smart Watch
Case material: stainless steel and titanium

Watch Comments: Montblanc in the field of professional watchmaking performance has never been disappointment, as its brand of excellent writing instruments prestigious quality assurance in general. This year Montblanc launched its first brand of smart watches, creating a new era of luxury smart watches. This watch follows the classic design of the 1858 series, big dial large digital time scale. It is also powered by the Android Wear ™ 2.0 operating system and supports connections to both Android and Apple iOS devices, meaning the watch can be connected to most smartphones on the market. Montblanc launch of this series of smart watches with full touch screen, equipped with voice commands for the microphone, sensor function. Montblanc is also designed for Chinese users to consider, through Adroid Wear to connect multiple APP on the phone, the application personalized settings, more in line with the needs of Chinese users.

Tag Heuer smart watch series SBF8A8014.11FT6081
Product Type: SBF8A8014.11FT6081
Domestic price: – –
Watch diameter: 45 mm
Case Thickness: 13.75 mm
Waterproof depth: 87 meters
Case Material: Titanium, 5 grade titanium case, sandblasted by sandblasting

Watch Comments: orange yellow bangle strap, silver bezel design, modern sense of full seems more consistent with its smart watch identity.Tag Heuer Smart TAG Heuer series SBF8A8014.11FT6081 watch equipped with a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen, sapphire crystal table selection, with a titanium case. Equipped with Intel Atom Z34XX processor also has 4GB of storage space, WiFi connectivity with Bluetooth capabilities to meet the functional needs of smart watches for users.
Summary: With the current development trend, perhaps more and more watch brands will begin to study the production of smart watches, more and more people will choose smart watches. Traditional mechanical watches and smart fake watches, after all, take a different route, the choice between these two and user groups can be overlapping. Therefore, the traditional watchmaking pioneering the field of smart watches is not a bad thing, with professional watchmaking experience, combined with innovative watchmaking concepts and technologies, professional watchmaking smart watch relative to other terms , A great advantage in quality.

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Breitling Chronomat timing blue plate replica watches “Special Delivery”

Recently, Breitling introduced a special edition of the “Special Delivery” boutique of the new Breitling Chronomat Replica 44 blue dial watch.
Stainless steel case, diameter 44 mm, with anti-reflective coating sapphire crystal mirror, waterproof up to 500 meters. The bottom engraved “Special Delivery” words, as well as the unique iconic Breitling girl pattern.

Equipped with the Swiss self-winding Breitling Caliber 01 mechanical movement, the number of jewels is 47 and the vibration frequency is 28,800 hph, providing a power reserve of up to 70 hours and certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC).

Dial with blue Vietnamese mother of pearl, decorative fluorescent pointer and time scale. Equipped with a blue crocodile leather strap, and adjustable stainless steel clasp.

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Breitling Avenger Bandit Replica Watches Tasting

Strong solid structure, reliable movement, and simple way to wear the pilot watch watch requirements. Similarly, the good performance of the pilot watch in the watch industry has also won the praise of the majority of the table friends. A slightly masculine masculine lines, precision timing function of multiple small dial is the characteristics of pilots watch. Excessive watch quality and classic atmosphere of the swiss movement replica watches style makes the tough, atmospheric it is valued by the various watchmakers to create a classic section of the pilot replica watch. The watch home today to introduce this watch is one of them. (Watch model: E1338310 / M534 / 253S / E20DSA.2)

Breitling Avenger fighter watch

Every landing is a challenge and must be absorbed in order to ensure accuracy. The aircraft carrier’s flight deck, fighter planes like the tacit dancer who played the same plane take off and landing in an orderly manner; take-off catapults and landing blocking cable alternating work, steam clouds curl up. In Breitling’s world, the Avenger range is like these impregnable “sea fortresses,” combining state-of-the-art precision technology to highlight the ultimate in timepiece performance.
Extraordinary watch material showing masculine tough style

Watch case show

Case 45 mm in diameter case made of titanium metal in the aerospace field of favor, the texture of light and strong texture, in the side of the reinforcement of the protective device against the overall temperament more tough atmosphere; satin matte processing technology Avoid any reflective interference in the course of action.
Fighter dashboard timing sense of the dial

Watch dial display

Watch dial gray tone and the same color of the cumulative timer is a highlight of the replica watches review, decorated with delicate snail-shaped relief, nice, not only demonstrates the heroic spirit of the pilot without losing its superior content; dial inlaid fresh cool Dynamic air-molded digital hour markers with luminous coating and thick sapphire crystal with double-sided anti-glare treatment ensure great legibility.

Watch bezel display

The watch’s one-way ratchet bezel is also engraved with an aerospace digital timepiece and is decorated with 4 bezel indicators as one of the brand’s classic logos for other timekeeping functions.

Watch crown display

Watch with non-slip screw-in crown and chronograph button, even when wearing gloves can also be manipulated freely, rotating tighten, double seal for the watch excellent waterproof icing on the cake. When operating the watch, there is a feeling of manipulating the fighter. Titanium table engraved with a common unit conversion table, in case of need from time to time. Details of the deal is in place, thoughtful in the functional settings, practical enough.

Watch lugs show

After polished titanium lugs, smooth lines, delicate texture, well connected to the case and strap for the overall appearance of the watch plus points.
COSC certified movement for the watch a steady stream of power transmission

Watch back cover display

Watch with a dense process design, can well protect the operation of the movement. Breitling B13 automatic winding chronograph movement, and has the Swiss official Observatory certification (COSC) to ensure the watch’s travel time is accurate and excellent quality, waterproof rating of 300 meters.

Watch strap display

Watch clasp display

The watch is equipped with brand new brand new strap, strap back with soft rubber texture, the other side of the strap is anthracite high-tech Military fiber fabric, with titanium folding clasp to make it more solid and secure, to protect the watch Safe in the wrist, not easily slipped. In ensuring wear resistance, the maximum to provide comfort and flexibility of use.

Watch the whole show

Summary: Pilot watches is also one of the hot watch watch weight, they perseverance, a hundred percent unyielding quality engraved in the brand watch heritage. Today introduced to you this Breitling Avenger fighter Replica watches is a pilot watch more excellent and cost-effective watch one, like the pilot elements, tough style of table friends may wish to consider starting this classic pilot timepiece .

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